About Me

The question I struggle with the most is, ‘So, what do you do?’

From artist to filmmaker to energy healer, wanderer and photographer, knitter and jewellery maker, singer and guitar player, translator and linguist, homemaker and puppy parent…  I’m literally interested in everything!  It’s a problem.

I envy those who knew from a young age that writing was their thing, and they spent their entire lives sharpening that thing, fearlessly expressing themselves and not worrying about their right to do so.  However, I tell myself that my somewhat different approach has made me a… more well-rounded person?  Yeah, let’s say that.

I think I’d prefer, ‘So, who are you?’

I studied filmmaking in Sweden before making my escape, spending the next decade of my life roaming the streets of London in search of thrills and new experiences.  My time there kicked off with a stint working for an obscure mafia organisation in the posh parts of town.  Having grown up in the Swedish hinterland, I was anything but street-smart, and little naive me thought that job was perfectly normal.  “Chill out, Mum, that’s what city life is like, okay?”

Fortunately, I was soon let go, and spent the next few years working as a legal secretary and PA around the city law firms, saving enough money to go on two big backpacking trips around Africa and the Americas.  There are few things I love more than travelling – the kick of always seeing new things, the ease with which one can pack up and leave on a whim, and the shimmering possibilities of an endless road ahead.  I’ll indulge in my many wayfaring memories in writing about them on this site.

Then I made another great escape and am now savouring the many wonders of Kent’s pride and joy, the colourful city of Canterbury.  Here, I’m working on my novel, and possibly summoning the courage to self-publish a travel memoir I wrote some time ago.